We are specializing in helping foreign governments and companies develop their operations in Brazil, as well as in delivering B2B solutions.

We work hard to create a positive client-agency relationship focusing on:

• Communication – we prioritise open and honest dialogue ensuring that we are always on the same page when it comes to expectations and final objectives

• Compatibility – it’s important to us that we’re a good match for our client’s needs when it comes to market knowledge, experience and expertise.

• Creativity – we are presented with a wide variety of challenges and obstacles on a day to day basis that need a solution. Creativity helps us to deliver solutions that really work for our clients.

• Caring – we genuinely care about our clients from making sure they achieve their targets. We always look for sharing success with them, helping to achieve a real return on investment.

Brasilia at night.  Courtesy   Bento Viana →

Brasilia at night. Courtesy Bento Viana →



ATRIA HAS developed DIPLOMATIC projects to


Business to business




By working with transparency we help our partners to capitalize in every opportunity.


Our partnership concept is about learning, growing, and benefiting from each other's knowledge and experience. We share resources and adapt over time, creating win-win conditions based on:

• Clear expectations – before settling a deal we define the business structure, what the partnership should accomplish for each company, and what constitutes each partner's domain.

• Room to growth – extensibility is a vital element in any partnership, and the ability to extend resources mean freedom for us and our partners.

• Honesty and transparency – we look forward to maintaining open and frequent communication as well as personal interaction as often as possible.


International partnerships

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