Our goal is to produce integrated and thoughtful architecture, resulting in buildings whose simplicity, environmental efficiency, purpose and beauty collaborates to shape a better society, while fully realizing our clients’ ambitions. 


Co-housing, Casa da Gente

To support a lively dialogue between the elderly and the younger our team has created together with our clients a co-housing space strategically located and connected to the outdoors and to life quality standards.  Learn More →

Villa BLM

BLM challenges the boundaries between interior and exterior, as well as solidity and transparency. This uni-familiar residence also balances the constructed environment and its relation with nature.  Learn More →

Brazil’s Research Base in Antarctica

Located in Antarctica, the earth's southernmost continent, the Brazilian research base balances aesthetics and the functional elements necessary for a building to support drastic climate conditions. Learn More →

Barilla Pavilion


The Barilla Pavilion will represent a model in combining the world of food production and construction. It will become a place that challenges minds and imaginations while shaping social consciousness. 

Brazilian Pavilion Expo Dubai 2020

The focus of our project for the Brazilian pavilion at Expo 2020 is to highlight the technological capacity of our country's tropical agriculture, demonstrating how we can expand national food production and their respective exports. 

Brazilian Pavilion Expo Milan 2015


The Brazilian pavilion at Expo Milan 2015 may be the concretization of the jovial role that our country plays in the international scenario and of the exemplary respect which brazilians pay to the most diversified cultures. 

Villa Mariz


The retrofit of Villa Mariz introduced to this uni-family building new atmospheres and possibilities, connecting interior and exterior spaces.  

Nakata House

The exercise of designing and constructing with limited budget led our team to solutions and materials locally available and connected to our clients needs in this uni-family residence.

CB&F Law Firm

caputo 1.jpg

Caputo Bastos & Fruet is a traditional law firm for whom we have developed a retrofit project that puts our client on the edge of contemporary architecture and design .  

Feldens Madruga Law Firm


The retrofit of the traditional modernist house originally designed by Elvin Dubugras in Brasilia engages Feldens Madruga Law firm with a heterogeneous context exploring visual connections with nature, exterior areas and art.  

Tauil & Chequer Law Firm


TC’s headquarters support a lively dialogue between the law firm activities and a boutique space are strategically located to connect clients and stakeholders .

Bettiol Auditorium


Bettiol’s Auditorium has the ability to bring people together across the boundaries of the law firm’s legal day-to-day activities.  

Paraty Cultural Center


At a time of urgent need for better cultural understanding and for uniting people, the Paraty Cultural Center design offers new ways to learn about how to create spaces capable of attracting attention and well being.  

Garunhuns Hill Villa


A Corten steel skeleton posed on the top of Garunhuns hill, far from the urban center of Brasilia. A second home and weekend space that hosts a library and a comunal area. The connection between the constructed environment and the local Cerrado vegetation.  

Villa 8

The retrofit of this family home establishes new standards for the contemporary life, uniting the living area and veranda elements with the garden exterior areas.

Villa 13

casa 13 - 1.jpg

Designed for a family of five children Villa 13 explore the relation of exterior and interior spaces, while still maintaining privacy to the residents.  

Brise House


The house searches for equilibrium between lightness and the translucent doubled skin (brise soleil).

Hormazabal House


This small residence retrofit creates a landmark to the owner family, allowing a low cost construction to grant quality of life and aesthetics excelency.  

Villa Dooda


This interior architecture project uses Brazilian design as the base of relation with the residents, influencing their day-to-day activities.

Giacometti Advertising Agency


Our team has developed a collaborative project with Giacometti creative team. We have unified our architecture and construction skills and their graphic and propaganda qualities to deliver a space full of caracter. 

BNDES Headquarters

IMAGEM 05.jpg

Located at a traditional site in Rio de Janeiro, the building pushes to the exterior, creating expanded living spaces with built-in solar facades, maximizing views of the neighborhood and offering a strong connection with the building’s surroundings and urban tissue.  

Casa Rui Barbosa Foundation


The Casa Rui Barbosa Foundation design faces the challenge of representing an institution that was always able to renew his mission to be active and attentive to the demands of society.

Ideal School


The Campus Taguatinga of the Elementary School IDEAL offers social spaces and experiences that enhance academic life for today’s teenager students.  

FHE Headquarters


The design for FHE reclaims the power of the Brazilian Army Institution and translates values of grandiosity and monumentality .  

Piracicaba Republic Memorial

MEM 3.jpg

Through its character and its spatial qualities the design for the Piracicaba Memorial register the republican ideals and above all celebrates Brazilian democracy.  

CAU DF Headquarters


The project of the new CAU / IAB headquarters in Brasilia is structured mainly on the conditions of the building’s implementation in the field, through a strategy that relies on the relationships between exterior and built environments.  

ATRIA Headquarters Brasilia

ATRIA 16.jpg

Atria’s headquarters is located in the most traditional area of Brasilia. Our own house explores the relations between the new architecture and the modernist existing urban tissue, creating unique relationships with the neighborhood.