Atria’s diplomacy architecture services range from designing new diplomatic complexes, that require sophisticated planning, to repurposing existing facilities and renovating consulates and diplomatic residencial facilities.


United States Diplomatic Complex in Brasilia

PDS US.jpg

Atria is providing Architecture / Engineering services the Overseas Building Operation - OBO, and in co-authorship with Studio Gang is developing the project for the new US Embassy in Brasilia.

The state of Kuwait Embassy Complex in Brasilia

The Master Plan of the Residential Complex of the Kuwait Embassy in Brasilia establishes a new landmark in the city, creating a sustainable dwell complex of six high standard houses.


Israeli Embassy in Brasilia


Atria is responsible for the Israeli Embassy global retrofit project in Brazil. The intervention took place in the chancellery building and the ambassador’s residence, both originally designed by the architect David Reznick, in 1974. 

Angola Embassy in Brasilia

The new Angola Embassy reflects how the traces of vernacular architecture can be used as resources for contemporary design.


Consul General Residence PDS, US Consulate in Rio


We have worked in conjunction with Krueck + Sexton Architects to elaborate the Pre Development Survey - PDS for the renovation of the Consul General Residence of the US Consulate in Rio de Janeiro. 

Chief Mission Residence, US Embassy in Brasilia


We have developed a full Master Plan for the renovation and expansion of the Chief Mission Residence - CMR of the United States Embassy in Brasilia. 


Swiss Embassy in Addis Abeba


Swiss Embassy in Addis Abeba promoted an international architecture competition for its new diplomatic Complex in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Our project was developed in partnership with tiarstudio.

Chief Mission Residence, Kuwait Embassy in Brasilia


The Chief Mission Residence - CMR of the Kuwait Embassy in Brasilia is part of the Kuwaiti’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs program to develop new standards for international architecture cooperation seeking of the right balance of Kuwaiti ancient construction elements and Brazilian Contemporary architecture . 


Chief Mission Residence, Israeli Embassy in Brasilia


Originally designed by Brazilian-born architect and town planner, David Reznick, in 1974 the Chief Mission Residence of the Isralei Embassy in Brasilia is a legacy of modernist Brazilian architecture. Our team was in charge of the house’s full restoration. 

Visitor’s House Kuwait Embassy in Brasilia

KWT_visitantes 1.jpg

The Kuwait Embassy Visitor’s house in Brasilia will support the Embassy’s diplomatic activities acting as a representative area for external public and diplomatic missions from other friendly nations. 


Staff’s House Kuwait Embassy in Brasilia


We have develop a high standard staff house for diplomats and families aiming to experience Brasilia in a sustainable environment. Houses are grouped within city’s urban tissue, configuring an enclosed and secure residential area. 

Japanese Embassy in Brasilia


Our team has performed several consultancy activities to the Japanese Embassy in Brasilia in order to develop a master plan of priorities for the full renovation of the diplomatic complex.