Our team works in accordance with relevant Brazilian and International compliance standards allowing us to focus and increase the efficiency of procedures and to provide a safer environment to our clients and partners.

Atria’s compliance program seek to promote a culture within our organization that encourages ethical conduct, and a company-wide commitment to adhere to the law. We understand that working in this way we can help protect our reputation, brand, relationship with investors, assets, and help in the detection and prevention of misconduct and violations. Among other purposes, this program is designed based on Brazilian program Empresa Pró Ética edited by “Controladoria Geral da União - CGU’, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - FCPA and the United Kingdom Anti-Bribery Act.




Clear values and controlling practices are key standards to achieve legal safety.

contractual Standards

Our contracts adhere to guidelines, policies or best practices developed by trade associations or industry groups. In addition, subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors are often contractually required to comply with the code of conduct or compliance program of their respective principal.

Legal and Regulatory Standards

Our standards are derived from the laws and regulations applicable to the organization based on the industry, country, and region in which it operates. These legal and regulatory standards set the floor for acceptable conduct within our firm.

Commitment from Leadership

Leadership engagement, also referred to as the “tone at the top”, requires key leaders to champion the roll-out of the compliance program, emphasize its importance, and underscore the organization’s zero tolerance policy for improper business conduct.

code of conduct

We have codified our values and principles are in a code of conduct. By promoting values-based standards of conduct, our leadership seeks to serve a greater good and position Atria as a responsible member of the community. Download our code of conduct bellow.


be safe

Be safe

We have a confidential contact channel if you wish to maintain anonymity when talking with us.


Due diligence


Pre qualification program for subconsultants, vendors and contractors. 

Atria established a due diligence system to support its ongoing commitment to meet all of its legal and compliance obligations.

Atria requires that subconsultants, subcontractors and vendors be prequalified to be eligible to work with our company. We seek quality partners that share with us the desire to exceed our clients’ expectations and work ethicaly.

When reresenting our clients we only select contractors that are financially healthy, have the necessary resources to complete the project and have a proven track record.

To contact us about the pre-qualification process, please click the button ‘Begin Prequal’.