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Barilla Pavillion



Parma, Italy

Project, 2018

Barilla Group


190 sq. meters

Other Features
Pre-fab Construction System


A Blueprint for the Future of Food

The Barilla Pavilion would represent a model in combining the world of food production and construction. It would become a place that challenges minds and imaginations while shaping social consciousness.

C_image 1.jpg

The Pavilion would act as a transformational civic tool, a connective structure of spaces and opportunities that enrich the human experience. It stands for a successful and balanced fusion of the built structures and the wheat grain field that would surround the complex. The building is located in a way that even from a distant point the observer will immediately identify the square-shaped plaza, on which a delicate wooden structure rests.


The Pavilion’s program is distributed in pre-fabricated pods, which respond to the highest demands for flexibility. These capsules can be added, subtracted, and moved around the wooden grid. Painted in blue, they would also serve as an instrument that supports Barilla’s visual communication.

The design for the project is based on minimizing the impact on the environment. The site area would be improved through the retention of all of the existing vegetation and a few careful grafts. An agricultural field, a seasonal environment, will be the main theme for the landscaping. Within this field, new paths would be inserted, which aim to maximize the use of accessible green areas while preventing visitors from damaging the existing ones. Our scheme is iconic, but also sustainable, it is a landmark, a soft one.


partnership with

tiarstudio, architecure





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